January 2017 New Cases Filed

  • Officer Chelsea Weiand applied for a magistrate’s hearing in the case of a Plymouth man who failed to provide veterinary care for his cat that was slowly starving to death and suffering from multiple medical issues. It is scheduled for 2/10.
  • Officer Nadya Moreno filed 2 counts against Joevany Rosas of Natick for abandoning his cocker spaniel in his condo. The dog was severely matted and living in filth. Arraignment 1/31.
  • Officer Martha Parkhurst applied for a hearing in the case of a Chelsea woman who brought a deceased shih tzu to the Boston ACAC. The dog was severely matted, emaciated, and covered in infected sores. It is scheduled for 2/8.
  • Officer Christine Allenberg filed charges against Ryan Johnson of Orange for beating his kitten with a wooden board, causing severe neurological damage. The kitten is currently receiving veterinary care. Arraignment is 2/17.
  • Officer Christine Allenberg filed charges against Ronnie & Sarah Crapps of Springfield for failing to provide adequate sustenance and care for their pit bull. The dog was emaciated and had multiple infections and illnesses when surrendered to a humane society in western MA. Arraignment 1/30.
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