July 2016 New Cases Filed

  • Officer Chelsea Weiand filed charges against Kristen Rossi of Hanson for failing to provide adequate sustenance, vet care, and a sanitary environment for 2 of her dogs. Officer Weiand executed 2 warrants to seize the dogs. One dog had to be euthanized, but the other was able to be adopted into a new home. Law Enforcement has previously charged this same woman, and the case was continued without a finding in March 2016. She had to surrender the 5 horses involved in the case, but the court allowed her to keep all of her other animals and placed no restrictions on her obtaining new ones.
  • Officer Christine Allenberg filed charges against Russell Corby of Springfield for perpetually failing to seek veterinary care for numerous kittens with upper respiratory infections and severe flea infestations, several of which died as a result of his neglect.
  • Officer Chelsea Weiand filed charges against Kevin Kennedy of Middleboro for leaving his German shepherd tethered in the yard for days with no attention. The dog became tangled, severely injuring his leg, and causing the dog to gnaw off his own toes in an attempt to escape. The dog was seized by Officer Weiand, underwent surgery at AAMC, and is recovering remarkably.
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