March 2017 Ongoing Cases

  • Clifford (failed to provide adequate shelter and regular care for her horses) pretrial hearing 3/1.
  • He (viciously beat his roommate’s schnauzer puppy) discovery 3/1. A motion to suppress is scheduled for 5/2.
  • Coston (failed to provide adequate sustenance or any veterinary care for his skinny, sick, and injured pit bull) trial 3/2 rescheduled to 5/11.
  • McNiff (failure to provide proper food, water, shelter and a sanitary environment for numerous swine and cattle, and for failure to provide veterinary care for several ill animals) compliance and election 3/7, motions scheduled for 5/26.
  • Davis and Gomez (allowed 2 of their Neapolitan mastiffs to become emaciated, and failed to seek vet care for multiple ailments) arraignment 3/9. Pretrial hearing 5/9.
  • Enos (failed to provide adequate sustenance, shelter, and sanitary environment for multiple horses and other livestock and fowl) pretrial hearing 3/10, next pretrial hearing 5/11.
  • Garcia and Rodriguez (failed to provide vet care for their lhasa apso with severe ear infections) arraignment 3/10, pretrial hearing 4/18.
  • Corby (no vet care for very ill kittens, some of which died) was a no-show for his pretrial hearing 3/14 and a default warrant was issued.
  • Egeland and Stanton/Balance Your Bully K9 Training (leaving a muzzle on a dog 24/7 for days and failing to seek vet care for the dog when the muzzle caused a severe infection) compliance & election 3/15. Next compliance & election 4/27.
  • Hardemon (failed to provide vet care for her yellow Lab suffering from severe skin and ear infections) arraignment 3/15. Pretrial hearing 5/4.
  • Teague (failed to provide adequate sustenance or shelter for her 4 horses) compliance & election 3/16. Next compliance & election and jury selection 5/4.
  • Castine (failed to provide proper shelter and a sanitary environment for his horses) discovery 3/17, compliance & election 4/28.
  • Kennedy (German shepherd tangled in tether for days gnawed off part of his paw in an attempt to escape) status hearing 3/17. Next status hearing 4/13.
  • Resendes (starved his pit bull and left her covered in bloody diarrhea and sores with no vet care) arraignment 3/21. Pretrial hearing 5/8.
  • Crapps (failed to provide adequate sustenance and care for their emaciated and sick pit bull) pretrial hearing 3/31, next pretrial hearing 5/24.
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