May 2018 Adjudicated Cases

  • At the 5/16 disposition hearing for Alberts (20 cats, 3 dogs [1 deceased], 1 goat, and 2 horses living in deplorable conditions), Ms. Alberts agreed to sign over custody of all her seized animals to the MSPCA, finally allowing them release from over a year of legal limbo and the chance for rehoming and a better life. The case was CWOF for 1 year.
  • Moquin (chickens and horse in unsanitary conditions) arraignment 5/4. The court will hold the case open for one year, during which time the defendant must make repairs, allow inspections, and follow the recommendations of the MSPCA. If she fails to do so, the clerk will issue the complaint.
  • On 5/9 the Cordero case (starved her 2 pit bulls, kept them constantly confined in small unsanitary crates, and failed to provide veterinary care for the one covered in open sores) was CWOF for 1 year, during which time the defendant may not own or possess any animals. Probation will do rechecks on the home to ensure compliance.
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