November 2016 Ongoing Cases

  • Corby (no vet care for very ill kittens, some of which died) pretrial hearing 11/2. Next pretrial hearing 12/20.
  • Egeland and Stanton/Balance Your Bully K9 Training (leaving a muzzle on a dog 24/7 for days and failing to seek vet care for the dog when the muzzle caused a severe infection) compliance & election 11/3. Next compliance and election 12/13.
  • Enos (failure to provide adequate sustenance, shelter, and sanitary environment for multiple horses and other livestock and fowl). Pretrial hearing 11/18 continued to 1/25/17.
  • Vanhauer (no vet care for horse with severe laminitis) motion to dismiss 11/21.
  • Newnam (severely beat boxer puppy). Jury trial 11/29 rescheduled to sometime in February 2017.
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