October 2016 Adjudicated Cases

  • Cathy Richardson (failed to provide proper food, water, shelter, and a sanitary environment for her 3 horses) admitted to sufficient facts on 5 counts of animal cruelty at her jury trial 10/4. The case was CWOF through 10/3/19 with probation. The court allowed her to keep her mule, chickens, rabbits, pigs, and 1 horse.
  • Pamela Hoaglund’s case (suffocated Hayes’ dog to death) went to a jury trial 10/17. The case was CWOF for 2 years with probation. The court ordered that Hoaglund may not obtain any new animals or work with animals, but may keep her current pets.
  • On 10/4 Benjamin Caldwell (starving and keeping 2 beagles in unsanitary conditions) was ordered to serve 6 months pre-trial probation and pay restitution.
  • McHendry & Richard (>100 domestic and wild animals living in squalor) status hearings 9/26. The court is still awaiting McHendry’s competency examination report. Status hearing 10/24. Next status hearing scheduled for 11/3. On 11/3, both plead guilty in the Hampden County Superior Court and Judge Ferrara ordered the following:
  1. Ronald Richard – 5 years of probation, after 3 years he can come in to ask for it to be terminated if all conditions have been met. The following conditions were imposed:
  • Cannot work in a caregiver capacity, paid or unpaid, for any animals, domestic or otherwise.
  • Shall have no temporary or permanent custody, possession, guardianship, control or other responsibility for an animals, domestic or otherwise.
  • Shall keep his residential and business address current with the probation department to allow for the inspection of premises for the presence of animals by the probation department and/or MSPCA.
  • Shall pay all necessary fees.
  1. Kathleen McHendry – 5 years of probation, after 3 years she can come in to ask for it to be terminated if all conditions have been met. The judge ordered the SAME conditions as above but added the following:
  • Shall engage in mental health evaluation and treatment as directed by the probation department.
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