Angells of Kindness

Your Wings over Animals in Need

Since 1868, the MSPCA–Angell, one of our nation’s most respected animal charities, has specialized in kindness towards animals. We work to protect animals, stop animal cruelty, heal animal suffering, and find homes for animals who’ve been lost or abandoned.  One of the best ways for you to help us do those things is to join our Angells of Kindness, where your donations renew themselves monthly, providing us with valuable, reliable resources.

We call our monthly donors Angells of Kindness because they’re always on the job with the MSPCA-Angell, helping the animals who need help the most.  Donations from our Angells of Kindness support our shelters, hospitals, law enforcement team, and advocacy efforts through our general fund, allowing us to be ready to help animals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. More than 100,000 animals a year rely on us…and we rely on our monthly donors. Can we rely on you?

Join the Angells

Once you accept our invitation to join our monthly giving program and become an Angell of Kindness, you can donate to animals automatically  – no need for you to take time out of your busy life to write a check or make an online donation every month. It’s the perfect way to make sure you don’t forget the animals!

All you have to do is decide how much you’d like to pledge each month.

Any amount is meaningful– even as little as $10 a month.  Just think about how many times a month you spend $10 on something that’s not essential – saving animals is essential!  And you can help us save animals every single month.

Angells of Kindness are among the best friends animals ever had! As a token of this friendship, we’ll send you quarterly stories of animals who have benefited from this program.

Unable to make a monthly commitment at this time? You can still make a difference with a one-time gift.


Things can change; we understand.  If at any time you wish to

Just give us a call at 617- 541-5011 or manage your gift online.


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