Campaign for Cape Cod - FAQs

How will the $5 million be used?

$4 million will be allocated to planning, building, and other costs associated with the project.  A $1 million endowment goal will help pay for the increased operating costs associated with a new building.

Are you staying on the same property?

Yes.  We have researched various alternatives and staying at our current location is, by far, the best option for this project and for the animals.

What is the current status of the project?

Since we broke ground in the early summer of 2017, we have been on schedule. The walls are up and the roof is almost done. This will allow work on the interior to progress throughout the winter for our intended opening in the summer of 2018. See a video of our progress here.

Will you remain open through construction?

Yes! As the only open admission Adoption Center on Cape Cod, it is imperative that we remain open throughout this process.  We will make every effort to manage the stress that may be caused by noise and disruption.

How much of my donation will stay on the Cape?

As always, 100% of funds received for this campaign or the MSPCA Cape Cod operating budget stay on Cape Cod.  Nothing is used for organizational overhead.

How much will the building cost?

Based on the planning and building estimates, we project the need for a $5 million Capital Campaign which is comprised of $4M for building, and $1M for endowment.   The endowment funds are to help pay for the increased operating costs associated with a new building.

The actual construction estimate is around $2.4 million, but there are other issues that do cost money in any project, such as:  site work, demolition, equipment, furnishings, utilities, architects and engineers, permit fees, etc.

What will happen to the old Adoption Center on the property?

Eventually it will be torn down.

How will the capacity change?

We are designing a space to better serve the community with more flexible housing to address the ever-changing needs of our animals.

How long will the project take?

The project will take approximately one year to complete. We broke ground in the early summer of 2017 and we will move into the new building in the summer of 2018.

Will there be an Angell satellite or veterinary practice?

No.   There will be an exam room and a surgery suite in the new facility, but it will be for the animals at the Adoption Center and for spaying and neutering.   There will not be an Angell Animal Medical Center satellite.

How much does it cost to operate the MSPCA Adoption Center?

The Cape Adoption Center now costs about $700K annually to operate, and we receive about $500K in revenue from adoptions, donations, special events, etc.  Fundraising for the operating budget is critical to continuing our care for animals in the Adoption Center.  The new Animal Care & Adoption Center will cost more to run due to the increase in size and programming.

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