Make a Homeless Pet's Holiday Wish Come True

When you give to our Holiday Appeal either by mail or this webpage, you can write a personal message or words of encouragement on an ornament and we’ll hang it on our holiday tree at the location of your choosing! Our trees stay on display through the month of December.

Every dollar you donate to honor your animals goes directly to support our programs which help homeless and abused animals across Massachusetts. When you make a gift to the MSPCA, you’re making a gift to both animals and people. Winnie’s miraculous story below is just one example of the live-saving support that animals in need depend on. 

Winnie Needed a Holiday Miracle


Hungry, homeless and bloody, Winnie wandered the windy streets for a month.  Finally, she laid down on the side of the road, resigned to her fate.  All she wished for was a loving family and a warm place to lay her head.

Winnie may have been ready to give up on life — but we certainly were not!  Thanks to your generosity to MSPCA, Winnie was about to become a holiday miracle.

Winnie Before

Winnie During Treatment

A kind person scooped her up, and we sprang into action.  Our medical team examined the bloody mass hanging off her leg, hoping it wasn’t cancer.  We removed the mass, diagnosed her with Lyme disease, and began to nurse her back to health.  We all breathed a sigh of relief when we learned Winnie was cancer free.  And we were thrilled to find her a new, loving home.

Winnie with her new forever family!

Our medical skill and loving care worked a miracle with Winnie. She went from depressed dog to bright-eyed fluffy friend — with a lot of pep in her step. But there are so many others like her: cold, hungry, alone — and about to give up.

Express your love of animals this holiday season! Give them a second chance!


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Please note: Our ornaments will be displayed on our Holiday Trees through December 31st, but the ornament will not be mailed to you.

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