Planning Ahead for Animals

We’d like you to meet two MSPCA–Angell Circle of Friends members and read what they have to say about why they chose to remember the MSPCA–Angell in their future plans.

Bebe Wunderlich

For eight years, clients with beloved pets in Angell’s Critical Care Unit have been comforted by the empathy of volunteer liaison Bebe Wunderlich. During her long experience as a pediatric anesthesiologist, Bebe learned how to help people cope with anxiety and loss.

She and her late husband Kenneth wanted to help us financially too, and celebrate their love for their seven adopted cats, so they arranged a generous gift annuity to benefit our Shalit-Glazer Clinic. The annuity provides a monthly sum to the Wunderlichs, a portion of which is tax-free, as well as a significant gift to the Clinic upon their passing. They also qualify for a tax deduction in the year the gift was made.

The biggest advantage to a gift annuity, Bebe says, is the pure pleasure of seeing all the good their gift can do. “You don’t have to die before your money makes a difference!”

Why the MSPCA-Angell? Compassion and confidence: compassion for animals, and confidence in the breadth and depth of care we offer. Animals, Bebe observed, “come first immediately” here. Add to that the Wunderlichs’ trust in our financial stability, and planned giving became an obvious choice.

Susan Soergel

Susan Soergel is another member of our Circle of Friends, that esteemed group of individuals who know that animals will always need their help and who have therefore planned their future gifts for MSPCA-Angell. Susan is especially interested in our Advocacy efforts to help pass laws that allow pets to be included in domestic violence protection orders, and to educate the public on humane and effective management of wildlife.

She says, “My decision to include the MSPCA–Angell in my estate plan will allow continued funding to support a top-notch animal hospital and provide assistance to pet owners who cannot afford treatment for their best friends. It also means that I will be able to continue to speak and advocate for those who do not have a voice for many years to come.” Thank you, Susan!

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