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Lanterns of Remembrance

Forever in our hearts. Remember them with a lantern.

When a beloved pet passes away, they remain forever in our hearts. The companionship, the laughter, and the unconditional love our pets contribute to our lives make a lasting impact. Your pet gave you a lifetime of memories. Now you can honor the memory of your beloved pet by lighting a “Lantern of Remembrance” at the MSPCA. Light your virtual lantern today and forever memorialize your pet on our Remembrance Wall below.

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When you make your donation, you will be sent instructions to add your message and image to the wall below.

Forever in Our Hearts

Mookie Marlin
I miss you both so much, you were the lights of my life. My heart will forever be broken without you. Your daddy will always LOVE you both.
Mr. Fu and Countess Kitty
Our beloved Bear, you are forever in our hearts and treasured by many. I love you so much and we will reunite someday and cross the Rainbow Bridge together.
Hannah B
I love and miss you Gabe and Maya and always will,Love Mama
Gabe and Maya
Miss you, KC and Shadow. Love, Jody and James
Always in our hearts: Nautilus, Bear, Angel, Keylala, Patches. Love, Heather, Shannon and Mike
You left paw prints on our hearts, Mai Tai, Chrissy and Sophie. Love, Diane and Frank
Mom and Bob, hope you’re having fun in Heaven with Hazel, Shadow and Big Boy! I miss and love you all, Cathy

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To our heavenly fur babies Pete, Sherman, Clyde and Archie, we miss you! Kathy and Brett
Remembering Fritz, Werner, Harvey, Ridley, and Lola - you are all deeply missed and never forgotten. Peace to all who have lost their beloved pets. We will all reunite at the Rainbow Bridge.
Rocco (John's cherished Chihuahua)
Mr. Ripley - you were the BEST dog ever and my most loyal companion. I miss everything about: morning walks, you waiting for me for breakfast, swimming most every day at the cottage, even the stinky dead fish smells! You were loved by all who knew you and missed by many.
Mr. Ripley
In memory of my beloved Havanese, Sebastian. Miss and Love him !!
Millie , always in our hearts . Till we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge , you will be never forgotten . Mike and Maureen .
You were my miracle girl. You were my brown-eyed girl. You were our rescue girl who made sure her daughter, Willow found her forever home. You were a trooper with all those visits to Angell. Two years was way too short to have you in our lives. We miss you. See you at the Rainbow Bridge.
Lainey (originally Elaine)
Lainey (originally Elaine)

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Wilson, the boy that started it all...
Ashes (Pashmeen)
Baxter; Workds
Best cat ever! Oreo, you brought us all so much joy. We miss you ... you will always remain in our hearts!
Oreo Porter
In Memory of The Beloved Goodwin Equines, Dogs and Cats. Our lives have been that much richer for the privilege of loving you.
Chloey there isn’t a day that goes by that we’re missing you so much and loving you. We have so many wonderful memories and adventures with you, we’ll never forget. Deep down we know your still with us and we’ll never forget your love for catching a frisbee, and your wiggly butt, wagging tail and giving us so many kisses and love.
Lucky Dolnick-Meyer
Three uniquely wonderful and loving budgies that brought so much joy and silliness when they were here.
Lena VanderBeak, Stretch Tweeterson and Curtis McWarbleton
In memory of Oliver, beloved troublemaker and loyal companion for sixteen years. He lived all nine of his lives to the fullest, and he is missed so much.

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Always loved. NEVER forgotten!! Love you Mom
Hunter Reig
I'm loving memory of Teddy and Chico. Always in our hearts
Teddy and Chico
In loving memory of my constant- CHARLIE and CLEO. No longer by my side but forever in my heart ❤️❤️
Charlie and Cleo
In loving memory of the Beloved Dana Giovanangelo. May she rest in eternal grace.
Dana Giovanangelo
DJ we will always remember and love you! Always in our hearts!
In memory of sweet Jerry, beloved family dog who brought so much joy for 15 years. Forever loved.
Jerry Demerjian
Captain Jack Sparrow Kates
Tiki & Sylvester

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In memory of our Gracie. You brought us so much love every day. We miss you beautiful girl.
Gracie Nardi
Mack - You will always be in our hearts.
My Golden Haired Angel was an incredible joy to have in our lives. Not a day will pass that he won't be in my heart. I can't wait to see you again.
My Golden Haired Angel was an incredible joy to have in our lives. Not a day will pass that he won't be in my heart. I can't wait to see you again.
Rocky Markus
Dear Foxy - You were a class act all of the way. Thank you for your patience, grace and spirit I love you. Meghan
In memory of Samy Galeno, forever in my heart.
Jake Crockett
A happy smiley face for each of my 2 best friends, Kiwi and Big Boy! Kiwi was a calico rescue cat, only 7 weeks old when she was adopted by me. She was a princess & definitely My Girl! Big Boy was 3 years old when I adopted him..a large Maine Coon cat with the sweetest disposition ever. They've both passed away..Kiwi at 16 years of age and Big Boy at 9 years. I miss them every day. I still love you both!
Kiwi Everitt and Big Boy Everitt

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To our sweet boy Tucker, gone too soon, we miss you every day!
Sixteen years was far too short of a time. You were my constant friend and companion amongst the many changes in my life. I miss you so much and hold your dear, sweet memory close to my heart. I'm glad you chose me to be your fur mom! To be there in the beginning and to hold you at the end, touched me in ways I can't even express. I love you, Bubby. Always and forever in my heart you remain.
The best fur babies in the world.
Nikki DiCzynski
Keep Running, Grandma's 'Favorite Girl'! Take care of Gramps, Kasper, & Maya. We love you and miss you very much!
My dearest boys Smokey, Ben and Jerry. Each one of you had the best personalities. Smokey the cat was our King. Ben the cat was our sweet, gentle soul and Jerry the cat was our psycho kitty. Jerry, you passed far too early - only 2 1/2 years old. You all will forever be in our hearts and souls and I cherish all the amazing memories you all gave to us. We miss all of you so much and love each and every one of you with all hearts. Til we meet again, may you all have each other in Heaven.
Smokey, Ben and Jerry
Always remembered, always loved, always missed.

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In loving memory of Phoebe Shugert
Phoebe Shugert
My girl Coco was with me for 15 years. She was a wonderful companion, by my side through all the ups and downs in my life. She showed me what unconditional love was. She will be forever in my heart and soul, until the day we meet again.
You were my girl and you'll always be with me.
In memory of the best dog who brought smiles to strangers as she carried giant sticks on her daily walks. She saved me when times were tough, licking away my tears. She was my Roo, my woolly bear and lives forever in my heart. Be at Peace, Kira. August 25, 2005 - December 12, 2021.
I miss you so much my beautiful mice. I know that one day in the future we will be reunited and we will be together forever. Please don't ever forget how much I love you. I love you both super mega lot hug. Love, Sarah
Creamsicle and Nezumi
I have included the names of all the wonderful schnauzers, from the Miniature Max, to the Giants, the 2 Sontus, and Ally, with the Standards Huff, Tanqueray, Wart, Xerxes, Seth, and Lizzie in between during the 45 years we lived in Brookline Gary Gross, MD and Betsy Shure Gross
Sontu, Ally, Sontu II, Huff, Tanqueray, Seth, Wart, Lizzie, Xerxes, Max

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Love and Miss you
Precious Velvet, you were such a great girl. I loved you and you cat family dearly.
In loving memory of the toughest little fighter there ever was, Cinder "Goat" Czelusniak. With her Angell Dr. Johnson, she gave us all she had. She will NEVER be forgotten and always will be loved. Her mom & dad (Alyson & Scott) and her younger sister (Phyllis Merry)
Cinder "Goat" Czelusniak
Leia Black
Rest in peace Tilly Dowe Hanley. Beloved doggie and friend of Domino and Rudy xo
Tilly Dowe Hanley
My Beloved Bella, I loved you your whole life. I’ll miss you the rest of mine. Love Mama
Bella Pace
CT King of All Kitties Forever in my heart
Chief Petty officer Tabby
Romeo and Juliette

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Mister Max Sherzi
CT King of All Kitties forever in my heart.
Always in our hearts and memories! Your unconditional love will live in us forever! Love and miss you Moo Bear! Xoxox Love Nana, Papa, Mommy, Aunt Alaina, Uncle Adam, And Auntie Addy! Xoxoxoxoox
Lady Lindell Duchess of Leominster
I will always love and miss you!! ❤️
To the sweetest girl who I miss every single day. You were so full of love and the best friend (and nurse) this grown lady could have. I will always carry you in my heart and will be forever grateful for the time you gave us.
Luna Silber
Skittles was my companion for many years. He was a cuddly, obedient, chonky orange cat. I think about him often and I will always miss him xoxo. Thank you to the hard working folks at MSPCA-Angell Memorwho take such great care of our fur babies
For my Teddy bear, the best bullmastiff, gentlest giant, and sweetest soul I have ever known
We love and miss you forever, Murphy❤️
Murphy Louise Wynne
To the wonderful dog I was allowed to be with

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Maisy and Miles were the best beagles ever. They loved to howl and chase squirrels. They both received great care at Angell during their life!
Maisy and Miles