Donor Spotlight: Karen Satz

Karen Satz

Karen Satz has been an annual donor to MSPCA-Angell for 30 years, and her recent Charitable Gift Annuity was made in memory of her beloved cat Decaf.  She shares her life with two cats, Picasso and Sheba.  Karen says, “I’ve been aware of Angell Animal Medical Center ever since coming to the Boston area for graduate school. I always loved to read about innovative research and treatment programs and stories of animals who had been healed. As I became more and more interested in rescuing animals, I realized that I had always counted on Angell for outstanding care and research.  It had always been there for my animals, day, night, weekends, and I took that for granted! Angell Animal Medical Center is a wonderful asset for our community.  I am so happy to be able to contribute to its mission.23” [Pictured here:  Karen and Picasso]

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