Donor Spotlight: Sue Richman

Sue Richman

Since 2012, Sue Richman has been invaluable member of our Boston Adoption Center volunteer team, and an MSPCA donor since 1988, She comes in each and every week for the unenviable (and unpopular) job of dishwashing—tackling stacks of dirty bowls and litter boxes that are taller than she is, and doing it all with a smile. She not only brings her infectious energy to her weekly shifts, she always offers to help at events and fundraisers, and keeps the staff in line with gentle reminders about tasks they’ve forgotten to do, and emails they promised to send. The adoption center staff and the animals are so lucky Sue chose us to donate her time and love on a weekly basis—they say they’d be absolutely lost without her.

Sue feels she couldn’t do without the adoption center as well:  “I’ve had a dogs all my life and now that I’m too old to care for one, I miss having one in my life.  The next best thing is to volunteer at the MSPCA ,which fills that space in my every day. They give back so much love it’s heartwarming, and anything I can do to make their lives happier is a wonderful feeling for me.”

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