Heroes for Animals: Aviva and Steven List

Aviva and Steven List

The List household is a haven for nine cats, six dogs, and two humans—Aviva and Steven, who are in charge of helping them all to live “harmoniously, albeit noisily, under one roof.” Aviva is the director of social services at a nursing facility while Steven is the head of trading for an asset manager. Aviva has loved animals since she was a child, and when she met Steven she had four cats and he had two dogs. In their life together, they have adopted multiple cats and dogs, most recently Charlotte, a seven-year-old Shih Tzu. They have opened their home to special-needs animals in memory of pets who have passed on. While they also support local shelters, the Lists say they frequent the MSPCA the most because the vision, values, and operation of the MSPCA resonate with them. When their animals need specialty services, they come to Angell, and they have given their financial support to our Campaign for the Cape Cod Adoption Center.


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