Heroes For Animals: Caroline Matterson

Caroline Matterson

Caroline Matterson has been a supporter of the MSPCA at Nevins Farm’s Equine Center for more than a dozen years, through annual gifts and participation in special events such as the Horses Helping Horses Beach Ride. Four years ago, Caroline decided to join the ranks of volunteers at the Equine Center as well. Caroline’s tackled everything from mucking stalls and grooming horses to managing fundraisers and chairing special events, but perhaps her most noteworthy contribution has been the development of the Nevins Tack Box, a volunteer-run shop selling gently used equine supplies with 100% of the proceeds benefitting the MSPCA Equine Center. Under her guidance, the shop has become a favorite of equestrians in the region, as well as a significant source of funding for the Equine Center.

Caroline is thrilled to use her talents and knowledge to better the lives of the equines at Nevins Farm. According to Caroline, “People ask me how can I volunteer? I ask how can I not? I only have to walk down the barn aisle from week to week, watching a horse or pony that came in thin with a dull resigned look in its eyes. Then gradually seeing those same eyes brightening, ribs not so visible and I know I’m making a difference. Watching that same horse or pony walk on the trailer heading to a new loving home makes all the hard work worthwhile.”

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