Heroes For Animals: Elgie Ginsburgh

Elgie Ginsburgh

Cat lover extraordinaire, Elgie Ginsburgh, a loyal MSPCA-Angell donor since 1991, has trained the many cats she’s adopted over the years to come to her call, “then to a whistle.” Elgie joined our Circle of Friends (people who have thoughtfully provided for animals in their own future plans) in 2001 and has made two charitable gift annuities to benefit the Society. She says, “I support the MSPCA-Angell, because they protect animals and pursue people who are cruel to them. I appreciate the police work they do on behalf of animals.” In 2011, her three-legged tuxedo cat, Elgie’s Folly, passed away at age 10 from a rare disorder diagnosed in a necropsy performed at Angell. The cat she lives with now, Pumpkin II, gets her care at Angell. Elgie, whose own daughter is a veterinarian, believes in teaching children about animals, and feels that if “children don’t learn to be nice to animals, they won’t be nice to people.”


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