Heroes For Animals: Susan Larrabee

Susan Larrabee

I fell in love with Cape Cod and moved here full-time in 1999. Having a love of animals, I began volunteering my time to the Centerville MSPCA over 6 years ago. I spent much of my time caring for the animals at the shelter, but I wanted to do more. Fostering, making vet runs, and going on deployment slowly became a larger part of my life, but today I am honored to Chair the Second Annual Wine Tasting.

One does not have to be a collector or to pay high prices to appreciate wine. Certainly, the ability to discern vintages, terroir, and grape varieties can help people to understand the complexities and nuances of the wine world, but I think that the criteria for a “good bottle of wine” should be that it is enjoyed.

Fundraising is never ending, especially with a new adoption center presently under construction. With the help of a wonderful Committee, selfless volunteers, and with the support of generous donors, I am confident this year’s wine tasting event will be a huge success. Fine bottles will be shared by all! We look forward to seeing you.

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