Fee Waived Adoptathon for Companion Horses

Time: Special Open House Hours Wednesday March 29th from 5pm-8pm   |   Location: MSPCA at Nevins Farm Equine & Farm Animal Adoption Center

The MSPCA is promoting the adoption of Companion Horses!

The MSPCA is hosting a fee waived adoptathon for companion horses!  We currently have a number of horses available for adoption who are ready for a second career as a friend to another horse, farm animal, or human.  Thanks to generous donors, the adoption fee for these horses will be waived from April 1 through April 30.

What is a Companion Horse?companions-grazing

Horses who are no longer able to carry a rider due to age, medical, or behavioral reasons are often considered “broken” when they can no longer perform.  Once past their serviceable years, these horses are often at risk for euthanasia, even though they may still have many years ahead and can fill a role as a companion. They are often passed over by potential adopters, sometimes remaining at the MSPCA for years before finding a forever home.

Companion horses can still provide a vital service to other horses and farm animals.  Horses rely on others for security, friendship, and all the social benefits of belonging to a “herd”, and an equine friend who is content to share a paddock into their golden years may be the perfect solution for a lonely horse.

Homes for Companions Needed!

Here at the MSPCA at Nevins Farm we hope to find homes for all of our companion horses through our upcoming fee waived adoptathon.  Some of these horses have served their previous owners well for years, as lesson ponies, leisure or show horses, and even race horses. Now, these horses need our help – and YOUR help – to begin a new life as a companion.

Does your horse need a paddock buddy? Would you like to help a horse in need by adopting a pasture pet? To meet some of the MSPCA’s companion horses awaiting homes click on one of the photos below.  We hope you’ll fall in love with one of these beautiful horses!

 gem-thumbnail  Ginger  socks-thumbnail  
 Blackie  lily-thumbnail  Ghost  Libbie

Ready to Adopt? Attend our Equine Open House Wednesday March 29!

We’ll be kicking off our big event with an Open House on Wednesday March 29 from 5-8pm.  Join us for these special evening hours to meet some of our companion horses.  Our Nevins Tack Box will be open for business too!

Can’t visit on March 29?  Email us at barnstaff@mspca.org or call (978) 687-7453 x6113 to schedule a visit with some of our companion horses.

Please be prepared for your visit with three references (including at least one veterinary reference) and photos of your facility.  All adopters will be scheduled for a home visit prior to adoption. Equine transportation for adopted horses is available upon request for a small fee.

Do you have questions about fee-waived adoptions?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for answers to the most common questions.

And if you can’t adopt, can you please help us care for these horses and other animals?  Any size gift will really make a difference!  Just click our DONATE button to make your gift.  Thank you!

Donate to help horses!

Funded by generous donors, the fee waived adoptathon for horses is part of a series of ongoing programs, designed to educate potential adopters about the variety of animals available and specifically to support the great need for homes for companion horses.

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