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Free Microchip Clinic • MSPCA-Angell

Free Microchip Clinic

Time: During open hours - please check listings with the adoption center near you   |   Location: At all MSPCA Adoption Centers

Keep your cat or dog safe with a microchip!

In honor of National Disaster Preparedness Month, the MSPCA Adoption Centers are hosting a FREE microchip clinic for cats and dogs!

Bring your cat or dog to any of our three adoption centers during open hours from September 17-September 20 to have a free microchip implanted in your pet. The microchip will be registered to you at no charge, as a permanent form of identification.

No appointment is necessary, but supplies are limited to the first 100 pets at each location, so don’t delay. And while you wait, be sure to shop for a new collar and ID tag for your pet in our adoption center stores. All collars and ID tags are on sale during the event at 25% off!

What is a microchip, and how does it work?

A microchip is a small capsule, no larger than a grain of rice. Each chip has a unique number, registered to your pet and to you with your contact information. Inserting a microchip is a simple, quick, and safe procedure. The microchip is typically implanted underneath the skin between the shoulder blades, and it lasts a lifetime.

When a scanner is passed over the skin of a microchipped pet, the scanner reads the unique number. If your pet is found as a stray, a shelter, veterinarian, or animal control officer will contact the microchip registry to retrieve the pet owner’s contact information from the microchip database.

Why should I have one implanted in my cat or dog?

Microchips are the most dependable form of identification for your pet. If your pet is lost or stolen, a collar or tag can easily be removed, but a microchip can’t be. If your pet is brought to a shelter, veterinarian’s office, or found by animal control officers, the microchip can be scanned for your contact information. Every year, thousands of pets are reunited with their families thanks to microchips!

Is your pet already chipped?

Check that chip! If you have moved or changed your phone number, please make sure you have updated your chip! Not sure how to get a hold of your microchip company? Visit to look up your animal’s chip number and figure out which microchip company to call. If you don’t remember your pet’s chip number you are also welcome to come in during our open adoption hours and ask a staff member to scan for your pet’s chip.


Please call the adoption center nearest you to learn more about the clinic. Remember, the offer is first come, first serve and no appointment is necessary. Our clinics are very popular, so please be prepared for a wait in line.  All dogs must be on a leash, and cats in a carrier. If your animal is acting aggressively upon arrival, we may not be able to insert a chip.  Only healthy animals should attend this clinic and because of the high volume nature of this event, this is best suited to dogs that can tolerate the presence of other dogs and crowded situations.

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