MSPCA-Nevins Farm Launches Low Income Spay and Neuter Program to Reduce Pig Numbers, Improve Behavior

Pot-Bellied, Even-Toed Porcines Eligible for $100 Procedure in February

METHUEN, Mass., Feb. 2, 2017 – The MSPCA-Nevins Farm in Methuen is calling on every qualified Pot Belly’d pig owner in the Commonwealth to take advantage of its special $100 spay and neuter program in February, to reduce the number of homeless pigs and blunt aggressive or unsocial behavior too often displayed by unneutered pigs.

Eligible pigs must be under five years old and pig parents can apply online to secure a February surgery slot.  The program is designed expressly for low-income pig owners who cannot afford the $400-$500 fee that a livestock veterinarian would need to charge for the procedure.

The Nevins Farm veterinary team is poised to spay and neuter two pigs per week in February—which will eliminate the birth of some 65 unwanted piglets in years to come.

“This program is made possible by generous donors who realize that an unneutered pig is a pet that could very well end up homeless, since too many can exhibit destructive or aggressive behavior when not spayed or neutered,” said Gia Barss, barn manager of the MSPCA-Nevins Farm.  “We want to change this dynamic—for every owner who takes advantage of the program—because doing so will result in happier pigs and happier owners.”

Spay and Neuter Made Simple And Inexpensive
Pig owners whose animals are spayed in February can expect their pet to return home the same day.  Moreover, the $100 procedure is at least four to five times less than a livestock veterinarian would charge for the procedure.

Veterinary research makes clear that a spayed or neutered pig is a happier and healthier pet.  Beyond ensuring pigs do not contribute to the over-population crisis through unplanned breeding, spay and neuter offers the following benefits:

  • A reduction in the types of hormones associated with aggression, roaming, territorial or other types of aggressive behavior
  • Fewer incidences of mammary tumors, uterine infections and ovarian cancer in spayed female pigs
  • Fewer incidences of prostate infections and testicular cancer in unneutered male pigs
  • A sharp reduction in the number of pigs surrendered to animal rescues as a result of aggressive or undesirable behavior

“The bottom line is that February is the perfect time to ensure your pet lives a long and healthy life—which can make the lives of their owners much easier as well,” continued Barss.  “We’re asking all owners to sign up today to ensure they nab one of the available spots.”

Pig owners interested in the program can sign up online and select the date and time that works best for them and the Nevins Farm team will do its best to accommodate owner preferences.


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