Rare Purebred “Pomsky” Puppy Surrendered with Broken Leg Needs Time to Heal and a Loving Home

MSPCA’s Boston Adoption Center Nursing Her Injury until She can be Adopted

 BOSTON, April 2, 2019 – A spunky 10-week-old chocolate brown puppy that’s half-Husky and half-Pomeranian landed at the MSPCA-Angell’s Boston Adoption Center on March 27th after a broken leg meant she could no longer be sold, the organization announced today.

The “Pomsky”—a relatively rare breed that the MSPCA has seen only once in the last five years—likely broke her left hind leg while playing with her siblings or her mom.  Her littermates went on to new homes while “Tahani,” as she’s been named, was surrendered to the MSPCA.

A Painful Break

Tahani arrived at the shelter in pain, which was immediately addressed by the shelter team.  “Our shelter veterinarians administered pain medicine while awaiting results of the x-rays, which confirmed the fracture,” said Anna Rafferty-Foré, associate director of the MSPCA’s Boston adoption center in Jamaica Plain.

Fortunately, surgery may not be necessary for Tahani to heal, but she does have to wear a splint for the next four weeks, which means she cannot be adopted into a home right away.  “We’re also re-bandaging her leg every week or so, which will allow us to gauge how quickly she’s healing,” said Rafferty-Foré.

Tahani is being fostered by adoption center manager Victoria Odynsky, which means she gets to stay in a home instead of at the adoption center.  “Taking her home was an easy decision because she’s so adorable, and because we felt recuperating in a quiet home instead of a noisy adoption center could only help with her healing,” said Odynsky.

The next step for Tahani, after she is fully healed, is adoption into a wonderful home.  The MSPCA will announce her availability for adoption exclusively via Instagram and encourages adopters to like and follow its page for updates.


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