$15 Microchips Available at MSPCA Adoption Centers

Microchips help ensure your pet is never lost or stolen. A scanned chip on a stray dog or cat has helped us reunite many lost pets with their owners!

Come in to our Cape, Boston or Methuen Adoption Centers with your dog or cat any time during our open adoption hours and we will insert and register a microchip for your pet onsite for only $15. No appointment necessary!

Is your pet already chipped? Check that chip! If you have moved or changed your phone number, please make sure you have updated your chip! Not sure how to get a hold of your microchip company? Visit to look up your animals chip number and figure out which microchip company to call. If you don’t remember your pets chip number you are also welcome to come in during our open adoption hours and ask a staff member to scan for your pets chip.

***Please note the Cape Adoption Center will begin offering $15 microchips starting 9/1/2018


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