Low Cost Spay/Neuter for Cats in Boston

To apply for an appointment for your cat at the Shalit-Glazer Clinic, please email us the following information at

1. Your name
2. Address: including Street Name, Town and Zip Code
3. Daytime phone
4. Assistance program(s) you receive*
5. Cat’s name
6. Cat’s age
7. Cat’s sex
8. Cat’s breed
9. Where did you acquire your cat?

You may apply for more than one cat. Kittens may be as young as 12 weeks.

* If you are not currently receiving public assistance program, please describe your current situation and why you are in need of low cost spay/neuter services. Due to limited resources, priority is given to individuals currently on public assistance.

Everything is done in ONE DAY ONE VISIT, which includes:

Please wait at least five business days, and if you haven’t been contacted yet by a reply to your email, please call (617-541-5007) or email us at Monday-Friday between 9 am and 4 pm to make an appointment. Surgeries are scheduled Tuesday-Friday.

Other Services Available at Time Of Surgery:

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