From Porta Potty to Princess


Princess Loo, a 5-year-old Corgi-mix

When the Brookline Police responded to a call of a corgi-mix having been abandoned in a Brookline, MA porta-potty, the MSPCA-Angell launched a public relations cycle designed to capture as much attention for the sweet dog as possible.

Princess Loo, as she came to be called, was not only trapped inside the porta-potty, but she had also been taped inside a box, rendering her helpless. As she settled into our adoption center — and our staff showered her with TLC — her story spread. Dozens of news stories soon followed, resulting in many hundreds of would-be adopters hoping to take this special dog home. In the end, we placed her in a loving, quiet new home, in which she’s thriving with her new family.

Princess Loo with her new owner
Princess Loo's new owner, Donna, of western Massachusetts with the MSPCA's Victoria Odynsky on the day Loo went to her new home. (credit MSPCA-Angell)