Grass Is Now Greener for Neglected Horses

Fancy, a 22-year-old Bay Pony, (now named Tansy’s Surprise

Underweight, dull and filthy coats, misshapen teeth, and skin infections — this is what staff saw at the first glimpse of Goldie and Fancy, two horses surrendered to the MSPCA-Angell Nevins Farm. Goldie, an 18-year-old Haflinger, and Fancy, a 22-year-old Bay Pony, were malnourished and several hundred pounds underweight. But despite their poor conditions, the mares were kind and patient as staff tended to their critical needs, thanks to resources made possible by our generous donors.

Working closely with the Nevins Farm veterinarian, the MSPCA-Angell staff implemented a multi-step treatment plan, beginning with a careful re-feeding regimen to help Goldie and Fancy gain the necessary weight and medical treatments for their skin infections. Later, the mares delighted in their ‘spa days,’ with grooming sessions and a visit with the farrier. But nothing pleased them more than lazing and grazing in the sun!

Goldie and Fancy quickly improved to the point where adoption could be considered to homes that could help with their recuperation. As the youngest horse of the pair and a highly sought-after breed, Goldie quickly received adoption inquiries and ultimately found a wonderful home. However, Fancy was considered a senior horse, and unfortunately, adoption interest in her was slim.

But all that changed when Fancy met Jennifer, a former Nevins Farm volunteer who always felt most connected to the often-overlooked senior horses. After the sudden loss of her beloved horse Savannah, Jennifer considered adopting an older horse in need as a tribute to Savannah. And, after meeting Fancy, Jennifer knew that she could give the mare a wonderful retirement life, ensuring she could meet all of Fancy’s needs in her golden years.

Now named Tansy’s Surprise (after one of Jennifer’s favorite horses at Nevins many years ago), the mare enjoys a pampered life. Jennifer’s most recent update encourages anyone who can do so to consider adopting a senior horse, saying, “Horses give so much to us. Adopting a senior horse allows you to honor all the horses you’ve met in your life, who have shaped you into the person you are today. You won’t regret it!”

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Goldie the horse (now named Marge)
Top: Fancy (now named Tansy’s Surprise) was often overlooked for adoption because she was a senior. However, Tansy now enjoys a pampered life with her new owner, a former MSPCA-Angell Nevins Farm volunteer. Bottom: Goldie (now named Marge), an 18-year-old Haflinger, was malnourished and several hundred pounds underweight. But thanks to resources made possible by our generous donors, she quickly improved with a healthy feeding regimen and medical treatments.