Neglected Cats Find Love and Safety

A white and black cat licking its lips

In the summer of 2021, a concerned citizen alerted the MSPCA-Angell Law Enforcement Department of 33 neglected and sick Persian cats belonging to a breeder in Worcester County.

Shortly after Officer William Loiselle’s investigation began, the elderly cat breeder died. The friend who inherited the cats was overwhelmed by the volume of care required, especially with so many in need of veterinary care. They were happy to take the MSPCA-Angell up on their offer to treat the cats’ health issues and find them loving, permanent homes.

Chief Thomas Grenham, Deputy Chief Richard LeBlond, Officer Loiselle, and Animal Welfare Agent Kristen Ehly, in collaboration with the MSPCA-Angell Animal Care and Adoption Center staff and multiple city agencies took possession of the large group of cats, which were transported to the MSPCA-Angell at Nevins Farm Adoption Center for evaluation, medical treatment, and much-needed grooming to remove dense, matted fur.

Many cats required extensive medical care, including treating upper respiratory infections, ringworm, and dental issues. Finally, in early January 2022, after nearly four months in care, the last of the 33 cats were adopted.

Persian cat getting de-matted
A black and white cat sticking its tongue out