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Animal Welfare

The MSPCA strives to promote care and kindness to animals. Below is information on various categories of animal welfare.

Circus Animal Welfare >>
Learn about what life is really like for wild animals in the circus and why we have concerns that their needs cannot be met. Learn about our efforts to stop the use of bullhooks on elephants, one particularly cruel method of training.


Companion Animal Welfare >>
There are many issues that impact those animals that we may share our homes and lives with: dog, cats, ferrets, rabbits and other small animals. Read about some of the timely topics and how you can help these types of animals.

Farm Animal Welfare >>
More and more people are becoming concerned about where their food comes from for many reasons -- animal welfare, human health, and the impact on the environment.  Find out about the many issues that farm animals face, and how your actions and choices can make a difference.  

Laboratory Animal Welfare >>
Animals are used for reseach, testing and education.  Learn about how animals are used and how both science and consumers are helping lead the way to the 3Rs -- refinement of animal use, reduction of the number of animals used and replacement of animals for non-animal methods.