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Michael, a 1-year-old English Spot rabbit

Advocacy Statewide Animal Protection Measures Move Forward

From passing bills to help research animals and build wildlife crossings, to restrictions on animal poaching and a ban on greyhound race betting, the MSPCA-Angell recently partnered with legislators, advocates, and organizations to further strengthen statewide animal protection measures.

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Donor Spotlights

Amy Mugherini with two cats
Lyman Stinson

Lyman Stinson

Lyman Stinson’s love for animals — especially dogs — started as a boy in Roxbury, MA, while he worked to become a Boy Scout. This role extended into significant leadership opportunities for more than 40 years. His working career spanned many years, capping off as Facility Manager and Experiment Coordinator for the MIT Bates Research and Engineering Center in Middleton, MA. Outside of work, he was active in community organizations and social clubs and was known as a great organizer and leader by those who knew him. He thrived on it!

However, Lyman’s true passion was the great outdoors, leading groups of Boy Scouts on excursions into the Big Woods of northern Maine, whether it was scaling Mount Katahdin or exploring the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. It was in the deep woods where he felt one with nature and all animals — and it was a special place to share with his dogs.

Lyman received his first companion dog at an early age — they bonded right away and were instant friends. Many dogs followed; there were two periods when he had three huskies, followed by three border collies. Wherever Lyman went, the dogs followed, even in canoes down the Allagash! Once, his husky tangled with a porcupine, leaving the poor dog with a mess of quills. Lyman took the dog in a canoe during a storm downriver overnight to reach a veterinarian.

His relationship and dedication to his dogs were immeasurable. During these years, Lyman built a donor relationship with the MSPCA-Angell: Nevins Farm.

Regretfully, Lyman passed in February 2020 but generously included the MSPCA-Angell in his will. All shall miss him.

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Nirva Patel (center) with her family.

Nirva Patel

Long-time animal welfare advocate and MSPCA-Angell donor Nirva Patel grew up in a vegetarian household, where she was taught to appreciate all life. “Much of the way my sisters and I grew up was influenced by the Jain philosophy, which is fundamentally based on the concept of ahimsa, or non-violence,” explained Nirva. “We had many discussions on leather, eggs, and how to live a life with compassion.” Now, Nirva’s family also practices ahimsa and is animal-friendly.

“My four children do not eat meat, do not wear leather, and they donate to animal charities with their allowance money,” she said. “And we do our best to let the community around us know that you can live a fantastic life without eating animal products.”

In 2021, Nirva filed a citizen’s petition to ban the sale of fur in Weston, MA. Her children were active participants, standing by her side at the town dump in the middle of COVID-19 and helping her get the 50 signatures needed for the bill to be on the town agenda.

It was then when Nirva became involved with the MSPCA-Angell. She received a big hug from Neal Litvack, the organization’s president, after a show of hands supporting the fur ban bill at Weston’s town meeting. “Neal also lived in Weston and said he was so happy that this happened in his town,” said Nirva.

“I worked closely with Kara Holmquist and the Advocacy team at the MSPCA-Angell on the bill’s language, and they suggested strategies that would help for a successful outcome,” explained Nirva. The MSPCA-Angell helped Nirva make postcards and did their best to gain support for the bill. “The organization is an incredible powerhouse that can tackle so much, whether facilitating adoptions, helping underserved communities keep their pets, or advancing awareness of issues that impact animals,” said Nirva.

Ultimately, the hearts of the people of Weston passed the bill — and since then, other towns have followed, including Plymouth and Brookline.

Nirva reminds us that you will succeed by being part of the change!

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