What Does MySPCA Mean To You?

It's MySPCA and yours, too!

Putting the word "my" in front of something makes it very special. By saying that the MSPCA is MySPCA, you're taking part in a local and independent organization that makes a difference for animals. We want you to know that you are a part of our family, and to understand why we need everyone in our family to support what we do for animals– just the way each of us supports his or her real-life family.

MySPCA is Independent

  • The MSPCA is not part of any "national" organization.
  • We don't receive money from the government.
  • We are an independent nonprofit organization that depends on your support to fulfill our mission to provide kindness and compassion for animals.

MySPCA is Local

When you support the MSPCA, your dollars go directly to caring for animals in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the other areas we serve. We hope that you’ll give generously when you support your family, your local animal welfare organization—MySPCA, and yours.

We love having you in our family, and thank you most sincerely for your generous support.