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Angell Animal Medical Center is pleased to offer the convenience of online bill payment. You now have the option to pay your bills for Angell Animal Medical Center using our secure online payment form.  This gives you the flexibility to pay anytime while still having the comfort of knowing that this method is secure.

Thank you for bringing your pet to Angell.  Please enter your information below if you would like to submit an online payment for Angell’s hospital services.  If you have questions about online payment, please call 617-541-5028.

It is the responsibility of the client to complete insurance forms and correspond with their insurance company. We are happy to send you copies of medical records and invoices should you need them to submit a claim. Please contact our Medical Records department with your information, your pet’s name and the date(s) for which you require records.

Medical Records Department

350 South Huntington Avenue

Boston, MA 02130

Tel. 617-522-7282 ext. 5202

Fax 617-524-5656



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