Grief Counseling

We understand the loss of a pet can be devastating to deal with. Most of us share an intense love and bond with our animal companions, so it’s natural to feel grief and sadness when a beloved pet passes away.  Likewise, we know the pain of loss can be overwhelming, and dealing with such emotions can be extremely difficult. Angell is committed to providing you with the personal attention and empathy that is needed to ease the sorrowful experience of losing a beloved pet.  In addition to our staff’s diligent response to your needs, we offer complimentary grief support and guidance for our Angell clients.

Meet our Grief Counselor

Annette Scanlon, LICSW
MSPCA-Angell Veterinary Social Worker (VSW)
As a licensed independent clinical social worker (LISCW), Annette provides support, counseling, and educational services to clients and staff. Among many responsibilities, she assists doctors working with clients to facilitate end-of-life decisions and to provide individual and group grief counseling associated with the loss of companion animals for clients of the MSPCA-Angell.

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