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What to Expect During Your Angell Boston Visit

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Request a non-urgent appointment with Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston or Angell West in Waltham.

When you arrive: The main entrance to Angell Boston is at the back of the building on the side furthest from South Huntington Avenue. If you are driving, you should park in the lot at the back of the building in order to be closest to the client entrance. The entrance for all hospital needs is on the left when facing that side of the building and has a red sign that says ‘South Entrance’.

For your pet’s safety, and the safety of others, we require that all pets be kept on leashes or in carriers during your visit to Angell.

Your experience at Angell Boston will vary largely based on the nature of your visit. Please follow the links below for important information on how we handle each type of visit:

Angell Boston Emergencies
Angell Boston Outpatient Appointments
Angell Boston Procedures / Hospitalization

Angell Boston Emergencies

Should the need arise, we would like for you to be as prepared as possible if you are coming to Angell Boston’s Emergency Room (ER) for an unplanned visit or emergency. First, whenever possible, we ask you to please call our Emergency line at (617) 524-5660 to speak with a representative prior to heading to our ER. They will be able to assess your needs and inform you of what your best options are for care.

If you are directed by our staff to head into Angell’s ER, the first step when you arrive at our Emergency Room is to check in with the Front Desk personnel stationed at our ER desk. They will ask you what’s going on with your pet and assess whether your pet may need to be seen immediately or if your pet is stable enough to wait. Please note, this step is necessary in all cases. You will need to register/check in with our Emergency Desk even if you’ve already called in advance.

If your pet is deemed stable to wait, then you will be asked to sit with them in our Emergency Waiting Area until an available Emergency doctor is assigned to the case. If there is a question as to whether or not your pet is stable enough to wait with you, then our ER Desk staff will call for a ‘triage’ evaluation by a trained veterinary professional who will determine whether your pet requires immediate stabilization. If we determine that your pet needs immediate care, then you may be asked at that time to either authorize or decline the treatment and fees that may arise as a result of that care. By authorizing those treatments and fees, you are indicating your consent to the care and charges that may be incurred prior to an ER doctor speaking with you. By declining, you are indicating that your preference is that a doctor speak with you directly about your pet’s condition/prognosis before taking any steps to stabilize them (…and, by doing so, acknowledging that your pet’s condition may worsen as result of that decision).

Regardless of whether or not your pet waits with you in the waiting area or gets taken to the emergency ward for treatment / observation, the Front Desk staff will be collecting our Emergency Exam fee upon check in. This fee covers the physical exam by the veterinarian only. Any testing, treatment, medications or specialist consultations that are recommended as a result of that exam will result in additional fees being charged.

Notes about ER Visits

Additional information regarding Emergency Wait Times

Due to the unpredictable demand for emergency services, ER wait times are extremely variable. Please be advised that, depending on the nature of the other emergency cases coming in on a given day/night, your wait time may be extended. Our emergency room sees cases in order based on their degree of urgency, not based on order of arrival. In short, there will absolutely be days when a case coming in with a relatively non-urgent issue is seen almost immediately. There are other times though where that same issue may be required to wait while more critical cases are managed and stabilized, even cases that arrive after you’ve already checked in. While we recognize that long waits can be uncomfortable and frustrating, we ask that you please consider that there are other patients in our care as well whose needs may be more urgent than your pet’s. We understand your concern for your pet, but ask for your patience while we address cases with more pressing needs. Of course, if you are waiting in our waiting room for your pet to be seen and you feel that your pet’s condition may have worsened during that wait, we ask that you please alert the staff at our ER Desk who can arrange to have your pet reevaluated by our triage team.

Acknowledging that any wait at all can be uncomfortable (especially when you are concerned for your pet), Angell is committed to making your wait as comfortable as possible. We offer vending machines, complimentary coffee, clean public restrooms, free Wi-Fi and phone charging stations for client use. Water bowls are always readily available for your pets. If there is some need that you have during your wait that is not being met, please feel free to check in with our Front Desk staff to see if we can accommodate your wish. These are also the people best equipped to give you information regarding local restaurants and accommodations should the need arise.


Specialty Care Through ER

When coming in to our hospital through the Emergency service, your pet will always be seen by an ER doctor first. That doctor will assess what is going on with your pet and work with you to come up with viable treatment options aimed at stabilizing your pet’s condition. Please note that this is the case even if you have been referred to Angell for specialty care by another facility or if you are presenting with an avian or exotic pet. If, after assessing the situation, Angell’s ER doctor feels that involving a specialist is warranted, they will coordinate a doctor-to-doctor consultation with the appropriate specialist. If this step is taken, there will be a charge associated with that consult to account for the specialist’s time. Once complete, the two doctors will work together to determine the best course of care for your pet and the ER doctor will communicate the recommended steps to you (…which may include a follow up appointment with that specialty at a later date). Clients should not expect to confer directly with a specialist when being seen through the ER.

What’s next?

Depending on the nature of your case, your pet may be able to be seen, treated and discharged quickly from our Emergency service. In other cases though, where hospitalization is recommended/required, your vet will work with you to come up with a treatment plan that is in keeping with your wishes. Once your pet is in stable condition, follow up with your local vet or one of our specialty services may also be recommended. Angell is committed to working with our clients to establish treatment plans that are within their means. Please refer to our Payments / Financial Assistance page for more information about the resources that may be available to you.

If follow up with an Angell Specialty Service is advised, please call (617) 522-7282 during regular business hours to speak with our Communications Center. They will assist you in determining the next steps for follow up care and scheduling the necessary appointments.

Angell Boston Outpatient Appointments

When coming to Angell for a scheduled visit, there are a few things that we like you to keep in mind to help us ensure that everyone’s time is maximized and your pet receives the care they need.


In advance of your appointment, it’s always a good idea to have any pertinent medical records from other veterinary facilities sent along to Angell so that we can have an accurate understanding of your pet’s medical history. Having these records sent at least 48 hour prior to your visit is a key step in helping us to provide accurate and efficient care. Records can be faxed or emailed directly to whatever Angell service you are seeing. Contact info for each can be found here: Angell Services.


Safety First

Pro Tips

Check Out

When your visit with our technician/veterinarian is complete, please make sure that you are checking out at the desk as you leave. The yellow line is for appointment check outs. Please make sure that you are taking time for this step. This is a necessary part of our process for closing your visit and maintaining the integrity of your pet’s medical record.

Angell Boston Procedures / Hospitalization

If your pet needs to be admitted to Angell Boston, our goal is to make your time apart as stress free as we possibly can. With that in mind, we ask that you review all of the information below so you can best understand what to expect at each stage of their stay.

Admitting to the Hospital

During Your Pet’s Stay

Discharging from the Hospital

Angell Boston Neighborhood Information