How the MSPCA Can Help You Find a Lost Pet

The MSPCA Adoption Centers receives several stray animals each day.  In Massachusetts, stray dogs are required to be held from 7-10 days, depending on the city, for a “stray holding period.” However, there is no “stray holding period” law for other animals, including cats, so the best way to find your pet is to contact us as soon as you notice your pet missing.  The MSPCA Adoption Centers receives “stray” animals from all over Massachusetts, so please contact us even if you don’t live in the immediate vicinity of the Cape, Methuen or Boston Adoption Center.

Our Contact Information

Boston Adoption Center: Visit our webpage to fill out an online report

Cape Adoption Center: Call (508) 775-0940 or visit our webpage to fill out an online report

Methuen Adoption Center: (978) 687-7453

You can also come in anytime during our opens hours to see if your pet was brought to us. Adoption Center hours can be found here.

What Information You Will Need

The more information we have on your pet, the better we are able to match stray animals that are brought or reported to us with your missing pet.  Please be prepared to leave the following information about your pet when you contact us:

    • Breed (ex: Lab, Domestic Short-hair) and purebred/mixed status on dogs
    • Color pattern
    • Age and size
    • Gender, including if they are or are not spayed/neutered
    • Any distinctive markings your pet may have, including color markings, eye/nose color, scars and hair length
    • If they were or were not wearing a collar/tags or have a microchip
    • Where they were last seen (town, street name)
    • When they were last seen
    • Your name and phone number

Providing a picture of your pet will significantly increase our chances of matching an animal brought to us as yours.

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