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Catvocate Group

CatvocatesCatvocates was created to start funding additional support for adoption promotions and spay-neuter initiatives. It is currently being led by Overseers Lisa Finkel, Ann-Louise Hittle, Sharon Malt, and Bebe Wunderlich.

The MSPCA’s first promotion began in the summer of 2011, and the results since then have proven extraordinarily successful! We’re excited to continue our efforts through 2019 and beyond.  Will you consider supporting these efforts with a gift to help us defray the costs of cat adoptions and spay-neuter initiatives?

Our Mission

Adult cats create one of the MSPCA’s great ongoing challenges.  Every year, more adult cats find their way to us than any other type of animal.  These fabulous felines arrive at our adoption centers from many sources:  the numerous strays found in buildings and neighborhoods who are brought to us by kind strangers; cats rescued from dangerous and difficult circumstances (such as hoarding situations); and, finally and sadly, cats who can no longer be kept by their owners due to illness, economic problems, or other life challenges.

This statistic suggested the need to tackle the cat over-population issue from two angles: more adult-cat promotions AND subsidized spay/neuter programs.

And It’s Working!

Since the inception of Catvocates in 2011, we’ve made significant strides.  Through strategic cat spay-neuter events and the introduction of Fee-Waived Cat Adoptathons, we have positively affected the intake rate of cats in our adoption centers as well as the adoption rate of adult cats.

And this year, we’re going the extra mile to remove barriers to adoption!

The cats who remain on our adoption floor the longest tend to be cats with medical issues. Dental surgery, as an example, has long been cited as a barrier to adoption due to cost. By completing dental surgeries in house prior to adoption, we have successfully found homes for cats who would have otherwise waited on our adoption floors for a long time. At the same time, by attending to the dental needs of these cats, we are able to alleviate their pain and improve their overall health quickly.

Hyperthyroidism in cats is yet another medical barrier to adoption; while treatable with a daily medication, the pressures and looming expense of regular veterinary care and daily medication often limits potential adopters. These cats often wait a long time on our adoption floor for a chance at a new life with a new family.

Now, thanks to a collaboration with the Catvocates, Dr. Jean Duddy, and Angell Animal Medical Center, we are able to offer a permanent, curative treatment for cats with hyperthyroidism: Radioactive Iodine Therapy (I-131 treatment).  This one-time treatment eliminates the expense of adopting a cat with hyperthyroidism as it eliminates the cost of medication. And most importantly, it provides a healthier future for the cat.

We Still Have Work To Do…

Please join the Catvocates today.  Your contribution will help fund these creative programs that reduce overpopulation and find homes for adult cats.  Imagine a world where every healthy cat – who, by some chance, finds its way to our shelters – finds that “purr-fect match”.  That’s the mission of the Catvocates.

Your support of cat adoption programs at the MSPCA will make a difference in the lives of cats in our area.

Click here to make a donation to support Catvocate programs

Or, learn more about spay/neuter programs at our Shalit-Glazer Clinic, MSPCA at Nevins Farm, or MSPCA Cape Cod.

Share your Catvocate stories with us online!

Use the hashtag #BeaCatvocate to show your support, and use the social media links below to help spread the word!

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