Campaign for Cats

Reducing the Number of Homeless Cats in Massachusetts

MSPCA CFC smallerThe MSPCA's “Campaign For Cats” aims to reduce the number of homeless cats entering our Animal Care and Adoption Centers across the state. Each year, cats represent approximately 74% of the animals brought into our facilities. 

Aggressive spay/neuter campaigns, licensing and leash laws, and behavior training classes have dramatically reduced the numbers of dogs entering our facilities; unfortunately, the number of cats has stayed consistent.

As one way to address this crisis, the MSPCA is distributing educational posters designed to address three critical aspects of the cat overpopulation problem. Check out the below links to learn more about cats and how you can play a role in our cat campaign! For more information on the MSPCA's Campaign for Cats email


Cat Resources-Button
smpaw_greenFeral and Free Roaming Cats
smpaw_greenKeeping your Indoor Cat Happy
smpaw_greenCat Care, Behavior and Nutrition
smpaw_greenSpay/Neuter Assistance Program(SNAP)

Adopt Pet-Button
smpaw_redAre You Ready to Adopt?
smpaw_redAnimals Available for Adoption

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smpaw_blueDownload Flyers
smpaw_blueFoster Program
smpaw_blueMake a Donation

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smpaw_purpleLost & Found Center