Dog Ownership and Adoption

Two Dogs

 Dog Behavior Tips

Dog Care and Adoption
Thinking about adopting a dog? Learn all of the information you need to know to make the right choices when you bring home your new family member.

Bringing a New Dog Home
Congratulations on the newest member of your family! Read this article to make your dog's transition into your family as easy as possible.

Caring for a Senior Dog
Learn tips on how to care for an aging companion animal.

Traveling Safely and Lawfully with your Dog

Learn about ways to keep your dogs safe as you travel with them this summer. 

The Skinny on Pet Diets
"Eat less and exercise." Words we've all heard, you would think, ad nauseam. But if the nation's waistlines are any indication, it's clear that many an appetite has remained keen. And the same goes for the nation's pets. 

Pit Bulls - Changing Minds, Finding Homes, and Helping Owners
Many different dog breeds are surrendered to the MSPCA, though some dogs tend to stand apart from others.  Frequently, visitors comment on the number of Pit Bull breeds we have available for adoption.  Unfortunately, these dogs have earned a bad reputation in the media and are more difficult to place than some of our other dogs- not because of their temperament, but because of the Pit Bull label.  The MSPCA feels strongly that each animal deserves to be considered individually, and is committed to placing adoptable pitbulls in loving, responsible homes.

It's No Life for a Dog
We find them everywhere, in the city, in the suburbs, in rural areas. Dogs living their lives alone in the backyard, behind a fence, or worse, chained to a doghouse. They receive food and water if they are lucky, but little, if any, social contact. Is this a life for a dog?