Rabbit Care & Adoption

Did you know that the MSPCA Animal Care and Adoption Centers take in and rehome pet rabbits?  From Netherland dwarves to Flemish giants, we have hundreds of rabbits in need of forever homes each year.  Read on to learn more about rabbit adoption, the special care these small animals require, and promotions and events taking place at your local MSPCA adoption center.  Curious about how the MSPCA handles rabbit adoption and surrender around Easter?  Read Our Commitment to Rabbit Adoption and Keeping Kids Interested.

Bamboozle and Bunny Cakes, adopted in 2010.

While rabbits can make really fabulous pets, many people acquire them for the wrong reasons or have false expectations about rabbit guardianship.

The MSPCA places more than just cats and dogs!  Click the link above to see photos and stories about our many adoptable animals, from hamsters to horses.

Learn more about the habitat, diet, handling, and exercise needs of pet rabbits -- and decide if this is the best match for your family!

The MSPCA conducts thorough adoption counseling with every family who is interested in adoption, to help them decide which pet is the best choice.

Here are some tips from seasoned parents to employ when the novelty of a new pet wears off for your children (more common with caged pets!).

While rabbits don't require vaccines in the US, its important to know about their specialized health care needs and find an exotics veterinarian in your area.

Did you know that a rabbit can see nearly 300 degrees around its head? Click the link above to read more fun facts about rabbits, both wild and domestic.

Click the link above to learn about special events or adoption promotions taking place at your local MSPCA adoption center.

Pet owners experience a special bond with their animal companions.  View our collected stories and photos of adopted animals in their forever homes.