Diagnostic Imaging Service



The Diagnostic Imaging Department at Angell supports the specialty services of the hospital by providing comprehensive in-house diagnostic expertise and technology. With three full-time board certified radiologists and all modalities available seven days a week, we are well equipped to manage all your imaging requirements.

Our in-house services include radiology, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, multi-slice CT, and MRI. Please see available services and/or contact us with any questions you might have. Our services are provided in three radiology suites, two of which have digital imaging, and a third with fluoroscopic capability. We also have one ultrasound room, a high-speed CT unit and an MRI unit designed specifically for animals.

The MRI unit is designed specifically for animals, with the ability to accommodate even the largest of our small animal patients. It features a V-shaped table to facilitate correct positioning and technologies for monitoring vital signs while a patient is under anesthesia.

Referring Veterinarians: Please visit www.angell.org/onlineimaging to learn more about our online imaging consultation services. To find out more about our other services available to referring veterinarians, please click here.

Image taken with our Multi-slice CT Scanner (16-slice unit capable of 3D imaging) MRI with V-shaped trough to accommodate large dogs that other units cannot