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Dog Training and Behavior

The MSPCA Animal Care and Adoption Centers offer a wide variety of classes from behavior consultations and beginner classes to more advanced classes like Canine Good Citizen, tricks, and agility prep. All of our classes are taught using positive reinforcement to shape desired behaviors. To get started, please choose the location where you and your dog would like to take classes.

Boston Dog Training and Behavior

Methuen Dog Training and Behavior

Kindness in Training for Animals:
A Mission Statement for the MSPCA Behavior and Training Program

training classAcross the country, millions of animals are abandoned, surrendered to shelters, or euthanized due to behavioral problems that range from housebreaking to aggression. The MSPCA sees many thousands of animals each year at its adoption centers, and many of these animals are surrendered to us because of behavioral issues. 

As a national and international leader in animal protection and veterinary medicine, the MSPCA is also a leader when it comes to animal training. Training at the adoption centers revolves exclusively around clicker and rewards-based methods. These methods have predictable and reliable results, and are fun for animals and trainers alike.

The goal of our Behavior and Training Program is to teach all pet owners, be they adopters or community members, how to train their pets to behave in a way that will create a lifetime of contented companionship for all.