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Careers with Animals

Are you interested in a career helping animals?  There are so many options out there- from veterinarian to horse farrier to wildlife photographer.  This page includes information about a variety of careers with animals, how to get started, professional organizations, and colleges that specialize in animal science and animal welfare degree programs.  Click the links below to learn more about special topics, or simply scroll down to read more about the variety of careers available.

 How to Start & Resources

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 New England Colleges Offering Related Degree Programs


Careers with Animals

Dog Trainer, Horse Trainer, Behaviorist, K-9 Unit Officer, Search and Rescue Trainer, Service Animal Trainer

Dog Walker/Pet Sitter, Boarding Facility Staff, Groomer, Farrier, Stable Manager, Pet Supplies Retailer

Veterinarian, Veterinary Technician/Assistant, Nutritionist, Holistic Health Consultant

Volunteer Coordinator, Fundraising Coordinator, Pet Loss Services Staff, Animal Careers in the Arts

Animal Care and Adoption Counselor, Manager/Director of an Animal Care and Adoption Center, Law Enforcement Officer, Animal Control Officer, Humane Educator

Wildlife Rehabilitator, Animal Welfare Advocate, Park Ranger, Zoologist, Conservation Scientist, Marine Animal Rescuer