Angell Specialty Services

Specialty Services

Anesthesia (617) 541-5048

Angell's Anesthesia service delivers exceptional comfort, care, and safety for patients undergoing anesthesia or receiving treatment for both chronic and acute pain.

Avian and Exotic Medicine (617) 989-1561

Dr. Simone-Frielicher is board certified in Avian Medicine and specially trained to offer wellness and emergency and critical care for avian and exotic pets. She has completed specialty training in Exotic Medicine, including rabbit and rodent dentistry, medical and surgical treatment of ferret diseases, and reptile medicine and surgery.

Acupuncture (617) 541-5140

Lisa Moses, VMD, DACVIM, CVMA leads the Angell Pain Medicine service. She is certified in veterinary medical acupuncture and offers acupuncture services for pain relief as well as limited non-pain related problems such as neurological problems, nausea, poor appetite, constipation, or other medical conditions

Behavioral Services (617) 989-1520

Our Behavior service provides consultations and positive-based behavior modification treatment plans for a range of issues such as aggression, anxiety, or furniture scratching.

Boarding Services (617) 522-7282

Angell offers convenient, attentive, overnight boarding opportunities for healthy pets as well as those with special medical needs. We offer our guests plenty of exercise, playtime, and additional services upon request. Your pet will have access to a veterinarian at all times.

Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery (617) 541-5038

Pets with signs of cardiovascular and respiratory disease - murmur, abnormal heart rhythm, coughing, abnormal, or difficult breathing - may need the care of a cardiologist. Angell's four board-certified cardiologists have over twenty years of combined experience and offer extended hours throughout the week for outpatient appointments.

Dentistry (617) 524-5643

Periodontal disease, which affects 85% of dogs and cats over age two, is a painful and progressive gum disease. Angell's Dentistry team performs routine cleanings and are deeply experienced in treating periodontal disease, fractured teeth, malocclusion, oral neoplasia, and jaw fractures.

Dermatology (617) 524-5733

Angell's Dermatology service tests, diagnoses, and effectively manages a wide variety of allergic and dermatologic conditions, in addition to our Ear Clinic for chronic ear diseases. We specialize in diagnosing and treating resistant bacterial ear infections and middle ear infections as well as tumors, polyps, or other masses in the ear.

Diagnostic Imaging (617) 541-5139

Angell has both a CT and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) unit designed specifically for animals. This specialized equipment delivers high-quality images, allowing our doctors to detect smaller and more subtle lesions to enable intervention at earlier stages in the disease process. This is highly useful in the evaluation of neurologic conditions, soft tissue masses, bone disorders, and ligament and tendon injuries.

Emergency and Critical Care Medicine (617) 522-7282

The highly trained veterinarians who comprise our Emergency and Critical Care service - the 24/7 pulse of the Angell care network - treat pets suffering from life-threatening trauma and disease. Senior emergency and critical care staff doctors staff the ICU seven days a week with trained residents in the ICU past midnight seven days a week)

I-131 Therapy Program (617) 522-7282

I-131 is a radioactive iodine treatment for felines battling hyperthyroidism, a disease which causes irregular thyroid activity. Diagnosis and treatment of seizure disorders, disc disease, meningoencephalomyelitis, brain tumors, vertebral malformations/instability, and all other types of central as well as peripheral nervous system diseases are also available.

Internal Medicine (617) 522-7282

The Internal Medicine team provides expertise in endocrinology (e.g., diabetes, thyroid, and parathyroid disorders), gastroenterology, kidney and liver diseases, tracheal and urethral stenting, immune-mediated and infectious diseases, dermatology, geriatrics, and health maintenance.

Neurology and Neurosurgery (617) 541-5140

Our Neurology service provides both medical and surgical care for neurological diseases. Our services include diagnosis and treatment of seizure disorders, disc disease, GME (Granulomatous meningoencephalomyelitis), infectious diseases of the nervous system, brain tumors, vertebral malformations/instability (Wobblers Syndrome), and numerous types of central and peripheral nervous system diseases.

Nuclear Medicine (617) 541-5139

Nuclear medicine is a type of diagnostic imaging that uses injections of a common radionuclide, Technetium, to generate highly detailed images – both dynamic and static- that allow for exceptional diagnostic accuracy and informed treatment. Common nuclear medicine procedures in veterinary medicine, all of which are performed at Angell, include bone scans, thyroid scintigraphy, GFR (glomerular filtration rate), and trans-splenic portal scintigraphy.

Nutrition (617) 522-7282

Angell provides parenteral nutrition services for referring veterinary practices. Please click here if you would like to submit a request. The PN service is available Monday-Friday. Angell also offers nutrition appointments with Dana Hutchinson, DVM, DACVN. Dr. Hutchinson is board certified in small animal clinical nutrition. Please call to schedule an appointment.

Oncology/Cancer Care Center (617) 541-5136

Angell offers a complete medical and surgical oncology service for companion animals. Our Oncology service is led by three experienced, compassionate staff doctors. Currently, Angell is the only veterinary practice in New England to offer Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), which sculpts radiation beams to exact tumor dimensions, thereby minimizing side effects. Palliative radiation and/or chemotherapy treatments are available.

Ophthalmology (617) 541-5095

With convenient early morning, mid-day, and evening appointments, our board-certified ophthalmologists provide extensive diagnosis and treatment of inherited, acquired, or traumatic conditions involving the eyelids, cornea, iris, retina, optic nerve, and orbit.

Pain Medicine (617) 541-5140

The Pain Medicine service is a focused clinic that offers treatment for companion animals with discomfort that negatively affects their quality of life, regardless of their primary diagnosis. Lisa Moses, VMD, DACVIM, CVMA has received advanced training in both human and veterinary pain medicine. The Pain Medicine service is modeled after pain clinics created at human hospitals. Dr. Moses has also been trained and certified in veterinary medical acupuncture.

Pathology: Anatomic and Clinical (617) 541-5014

Angell accepts referring veterinary sample submissions in addition to serving Angell's on-site specialty services. Angell's Clinical Pathology services include hematology, chemistry, microbiology, histopathology, necropsy, and cytology.

Surgery (617) 541-5048

Members of the surgery staff at Angell Animal Medical Center are dedicated full time to surgery. Angell's board-certified surgeons are highly trained and equipped to perform a wide range of orthopedic and soft tissue procedures using advanced technologies. Surgeries include the repair of ligamentous injuries to the knee, fracture repair, neurosurgery, thoracic and abdominal surgery, laryngeal surgery, cancer surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and arthroscopic procedures.

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