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MSPCA Cape Cod Lost Pet Contact Information

The MSPCA Cape Cod Adoption Center receives several stray animals each week. In Massachusetts, stray dogs are required to be held for 7 days. However, there is no “stray holding period” law for other animals, including cats. The best way to find your pet is to contact us as soon as you notice your pet missing. The MSPCA Cape Cod Adoption Center receives stray animals from all over Massachusetts, so please call us even if you don’t live on the Cape.

Our Contact Information

To report a lost or found pet, please fill out the appropriate form below or leave a message at (508) 775-0940. This voicemail is checked at least twice a week. You can also come in anytime during our opens hours to see if your pet was brought to us or fill out a lost report with a description of your missing animal. We are closed on Mondays and Holidays but open 1pm-6pm on Thursday. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 1pm-4pm.

Fill Out a Lost Cat Report   Fill Out a Lost Dog Report   Fill Out a Lost Other Animal Report

Visit our Lost Cat Listings for descriptions and pictures of the cats that are currently at the Boston Adoption Center who were brought in as stray cats.

Please be sure that you also complete these additional steps which will help you find your pet

1) Call your surrounding towns animal control offices and other area shelters. If you need a list of these please email

2) If your animal is microchipped, contact your microchip company to report your animal missing and update your contact information.

3) Post fliers in the area you last saw your pet. Check out our lost pet flyer template for an example of what information to include. Print the flyers with a color photo. The bigger the poster/flyer size, the better and make sure to post flyers at eye level.

4) Tell your neighbors and mail carrier – make sure you give them a copy of lost flyers you made.

5) Search for your pet. Most cats that go missing stay close to home. Indoor only cats usually hide under or behind porches, alcoves, bushes and other out of the way spaces. Make sure you thoroughly scan your yard and neighbors yards under these types of hiding spots. Ask family and friends who know your pet to help you search out potential hiding spots. For additional tips on finding your lost cat visit

6) Set a trap for your cat. You can rent a humane trap from our adoption center during our open hours for a $65 deposit which will be refunded upon the return of the trap. We can walk you through how to use the trap to help you find your cat. If you have further questions you can reach us at 508-775-0940


Found an animal? Help that animal find their way back home.

1) Fill out a Found Report with the MSPCA Cape Cod.
This information will help us match up the animal with any lost reports we may have received from owners looking for their missing pets.

Found Cat   Found Dog   Found Other Animal

2) Contact all surrounding city and town animal control offices to fill out a found pet report. * This is essential if you have found a lost dog. Barnstable Animal Control can be reached at 508-790-6274. In Massachusetts, animal control is handled individually by each of the 351 municipalities and towns. Owners looking for their pets may only contact the city/town where their pet was initially lost. It is important as the finder of the pet to let all surrounding animal control facilities as well as surrounding private animal shelters like the MSPCA know you have found an animal in case the owner has been in contact with that facility.

3) Post flyers in your neighborhood.
Click here for a template found pet flyer, including a color photo is ideal. The bigger the poster/flyer size the better and make sure to post flyers at eye level.

4) Tell your neighbors and mail carrier
Make sure you give them a copy of the found pet flyers you made.

5) Bring the animal to a Veterinary Clinic or Animal Shelter and ask them to scan the pet for a microchip
This service is offered free of charge at most animal control, shelter, and veterinary clinics.

6) Adoption – Keeping the animal as your own
Once you have reported the found animal to animal control and sheltering facilities in your area, posted flyers, spoke with neighbors and scanned the animal for a microchip if no owner comes forward after a few weeks, and you are interested in adopting the animal you have found, please feel free to contact us if you need financial support to have the animal spayed or neutered and receive its vaccines – visit our spay neuter webpage to learn more about our low cost spay neuter programs.

If you are not able to hold onto the animal until an owner can be found:

If you have found a lost dog, please contact your local animal control office. The Animal Control Officer can let you know where they are located or may be able to come and pick up the dog. If you bring the dog to the MSPCA, we are required to transfer the dog to the animal control facility of the city or town where the dog was found. Bringing the dog to your animal control officer will help them gather all the information they need from you directly and avoid a second trip in the car for the dog.

If you have found a lost cat or other type of pet,  you can bring the animal to the MSPCA during our surrender hours which are Tuesday – Friday 1pm-4pm. We will continue to look for the owner while we have the animal in our care.

Our Reality: The MSPCA is an open admission Adoption Center, which means we never turn an animal or an owner away. We receive more than 1,000 animals at the Cape Cod Adoption Center each year. We have many wonderful success stories of finding homes for pets who are brought to us as strays. At the same time, while we try our best to find homes for every animal that is brought to us, we are often faced with difficult euthanasia decisions when an animal is not medically or behaviorally sound for adoption. Medical and behavioral evaluations are performed on animals prior to placing them up for adoption. The adoption center environment can be a very stressful place for a pet. While we do our best to make each animal feel as comfortable as possible, it is not a home. It is for this reason that we look to you to try everything you can to work on the situation you are facing or find a new home for the animal you found before surrendering the animal to us.

There are many limited admission shelters and rescue groups throughout the state of Massachuetts. Most limited admission shelters and rescue groups do not euthanize animals. We recommend you contact limited admission rescue and shelter groups before bringing your stray pet to the MSPCA. Limited admission shelters work off of a waiting lists if they are full and will only take in animals they are confident they will be able to place in an adoptive home. Click here for a list of limited admission shelters in Massachusetts.


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