Foster a Companion Animal

What Animals Need Fostering?

The majority of animals in need of foster care are cats and kittens, with occasional need for dogs, rabbits, and other small animals.  The time needed in a foster home varies depending on the animal’s specific needs.  It can be as little as one week to a few months.  Some animals may have special medical or behavioral needs, such as training or medication.  Some reasons an animal might need foster care include:

Is Fostering Right For You?

Fostering is an incredibly rewarding experience and is a personal and wonderful way to help save a life.  However, there are many things to consider when taking on a foster animal.  Every family member in the household will need to be prepared for the commitment and emotional aspects involved with fostering.  All existing animals in the foster home must be spayed/neutered and up-to-date on vaccines.  Foster parents will need to have the time and flexibility to make frequent visits to the adoption center when needed.  Foster families will be required to take on responsibility for all daily care of the animal(s) during the foster period, including socializing, feeding, medicating, grooming, and ensuring the animal’s safety while following the MSPCA philosophies and policies.  The Adoption Center staff will work with you to make sure we match you with an animal who is right for your lifestyle and schedule.

Fostering is an incredibly rewarding experience and one that takes a real commitment. The emotional aspects of fostering are difficult and should be discussed with all family members. It is easy to fall in love with any animal – especially one that has depended on you – and it can be hard to see them go to a new home. The wonderful part of fostering is knowing that you played a role in getting them there!

What Does the MSPCA Provide For A Foster Animal?

We will provide all supplies needed, including food, dishes, litter, bedding, and toys.  The MSPCA also provides all vet care needed for foster animals.  Foster families must follow the MSPCA foster program policies for any medical treatment needed.

How Do I Become a Foster Parent?

For more information on fostering for the Noble Family Animal Care and Adoption Center call 978-687-7453 ext. 6119, or fill out our online application.

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