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February 2022 Advocacy eNews

Advocacy Updates

February 2022

Nero’s Law Signed by Governor
Nero’s Law, which allows the treatment and transport of injured police dogs by emergency personnel, was signed by Governor Charlie Baker!

In 2018, Sergeant Sean Gannon was killed in the line of duty and his canine partner, Nero, suffered life-threatening injuries. The new law helps ensure these dogs receive care.

We thank State Representative Steve Xiarhos and State Senator Mark Montigny for their leadership and sponsoring this important legislation. Learn more about this new law!

Anti-Poaching Legislation Passes House

Great news! An Act further regulating the enforcement of illegal hunting practices passed the MA House of Representatives this month! Illegal hunting, trapping, and fishing activity is a serious problem across the country and here in Massachusetts. Environmental Police records indicate that nearly a thousand hunting violations occur in our state each year. Wildlife violators take animals over the allowable limit, kill protected species, and kill animals out of season, often orphaning dependent young. A recent case in Montana involving Massachusetts residents highlights the need for our state to update its current laws around poaching. Learn more about this legislation.

Ask your Senator to Support the Anti-Poaching Bill!

We thank House sponsors Representatives Ann-Margaret Ferrante and Lori Ehrlich for their advocacy. This legislation is now in the Senate Committee on Ways and Means, where it is sponsored by Senator Mike Moore.

Save the Date
Rally to Protect Pets at the State House

Join us and the Ollie’s Coalition on March 10 at 10am outside the newly reopened State House to call for statewide regulations for pet care facilities. Hear from legislators and families, whose dogs were injured or killed, on how pending legislation will protect pets. We will then stop by legislative offices. Dogs are welcome for the rally.

Webinar on Local Legislation

Changing the laws relating to animals is something that can happen on a local level, impacting your city or town. Attend our webinar on March 23 at 6pm to learn how to pass animal protection measures on the local level, and hear from advocates who are currently working to pass their own initiative!

Advocacy in Motion

Coyotes just cannot stay out of the news lately, so we created a short video on how we can live together, humanely. They breed during February and March, so you might see them — but they want nothing to do with humans. They also might seem larger than normal, but it’s just their winter coats that can help attract a potential mate. Females give birth in April or May. The litter size varies, depending in part upon environmental conditions and coyote population density.

Watch our video!

The Massachusetts State House reopened to the public on February 22! After 2 full years of Zoom calls and virtual events, our Advocacy team is ready to get back to Beacon Hill and advocate in person for those who need our voice — but we have to do a little training first!

Watch our video to see how our training went!

Legislation Spotlight: Puppies and Kittens Bill

S. 1322: An Act protecting the health and safety of puppies and kittens in cities and towns

Sponsors: Senator Harriette Chandler and Representative Linda Dean Campbell

This legislation solves problems affecting young cats and dogs, in addition to families, throughout the Commonwealth. It’s important to protect both animals and consumers in our state. This bill will protect puppies, kittens, their parents, and consumers in 5 ways:

Prohibit the sale of puppies and kittens under 8 weeks old;
Require the promulgation of rules and regulations for boarding facilities and certain breeders (supported by members of the Ollie’s Law coalition);
Prohibit the roadside sale of animals;
Update several laws relating to the regulations of kennels; and
Clarify that the law does not consider dogs and cats livestock.
Learn more about this legislation.

Newsworthy Happenings
Local Efforts to Help Animals

Changing the laws relating to animals is something that can happen on a local level, impacting your city or town. Local ordinances provide a model for other cities and towns to follow and local legislation can help gain momentum to pass the issue to the state level, or move forward on an issue when state legislation stalls. We are here to support advocates who want to pursue action in their municipality!

The Threat of Sunday Hunting Looms

In his 2023 budget proposal, Gov. Charlie Baker included a section to end the prohibition on deer hunting with a bow and arrow on Sundays. We oppose this rollback, and “’encourage people to enjoy wildlife in a non-consumptive manner…’ Magner [MSPCA] said. ‘It is [a] much more humane way to connect with our outdoors and our natural resources.’” Keep an eye out for future calls to action regarding Sunday hunting.

Wild Animals as Pets

Did you read about Bruno the African Serval we captured in Lincoln, MA? The practice of keeping wild and exotic animals as pets can be problematic. In MA, the sale and private ownership of wild and exotic animals is tightly controlled and laws are in place to protect both the public and animals from harm. For those animals that are legal to own, it is important for people to understand and provide proper care.

Legislation Updates: Joint Rule 10 Day
Joint Rule 10 day was February 2 — the day that all bills need to be out of committee or risk dying this session.

The bills we support that received favorable reports and which will move forward in the process are:

H. 966 – to require the use of non-animal tests when available for product safety testing

H. 901 – to facilitate the adoption of dogs and cats used in research (Beagle Bill)

S. 2251 – to prohibit the use of certain wild animals in traveling acts.

Sadly, the following bills we support were sent to a “study” and will not advance:

S. 230/H. 384 – banning the retail sale of cats and dogs in pet shops

S. 623/H. 965 – banning the sale of new fur

S. 885/H. 1437 – ending breed discrimination in housing and insurance. Thankfully, many harmful wildlife bills will not advance. For the bills that are not moving forward, we will continue to strategize and refile next session.

See updates on all of the bills we are working on this session.

Help Local Animals with Your Taxes

Local animals need your help. Please consider donating on Line 33f of the MA state income tax form, so the Massachusetts Animal Fund can continue to answer the pleas from Commonwealth animals in need!

Through your donations on Line 33f, the Fund was able to help over 2,050 local animals last year. 1 in every 6 of those animals needed urgent services for life-threatening medical conditions, safety concerns, or relinquishment prevention. Learn more about the Mass Animal Fund.

2022 MSPCA Renewal 5 Match Challenge

Join the Animal Action Team to stay up to date on animal issues across the Commonwealth.

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