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February 2024 Advocacy eNews

Advocacy Updates

February 2024

Deadline at State House Moves Bills

An important deadline for legislation has passed in the Massachusetts State House. February 7th was “Joint Rule 10” Day, the day when bills are supposed to be released favorably from their initial joint committees or face dying this session. Find out what happened to the bills we support and oppose!

Paws and Policy Day

In January, we co-hosted Paws and Policy Information Day at the Massachusetts State House to help push animal protection legislation. Legislators and staff learned more about important animal issues that include the need for doggie daycare regulations, the puppy mill/pet shop pipeline, the suffering of exotic animals in traveling acts, the need for increased protections against animal cruelty, and many others. We were thrilled to see new legislators take a real interest in our work and check in with our state house friends, whom we can always count on supporting our efforts!

Representatives Ted Philips and Jessica Giannino, sponsors of the humane protection bill, H. 1718.

MSPCA-Angell Advocacy department staff.

Overlooking the Paw and Policy event.

Did you see our new Facebook group? Keep up to date with the Advocacy team and animal protection legislation by joining the MSPCA Animal Action Team Facebook group!

Wildlife Corner

Gov. Baker signing the poaching bill into law in 2022.

State’s Wildlife Laws in Action

A Massachusetts resident who falsely claimed New Hampshire residency for 4 years to evade MA’s falconry regulations was arrested and charged with numerous offenses by the MA Environmental Police. As part of his sentence, his permits were immediately suspended by MassWildlife for 3 years, with the potential for suspension in 48 other states due to Massachusetts’ participation in the Interstate Wildlife Compact. The Compact was part of the poaching bill passed in 2022!

It is Coyote Mating Season!

The season runs from late January to early March. Coyotes become more active during this time, so it’s especially important to take precautions to avoid conflicts. Remember to remove all attractants/food from your property, remove brush piles and cover up holes under porches, walk dogs on a short leash, and haze any coyotes you see in human areas.

Learn more about coexisting with coyotes!

Save the Date! Lobby Day for Animals will be held at the Massachusetts State House on Tuesday, April 30. Registration coming soon.

MSPCA-Angell Joins New Task Force

In January, Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden announced the formation of a task force to help prevent animal cruelty in Suffolk County. This task force will centralize various agencies in a streamlined approach that will improve information flow, create a more proficient understanding of animal cruelty investigations and prosecutions, and identify necessary legislative improvements to the state’s laws. See our Facebook post from this event.

In the News!

Declaw bill passes Senate!

S. 190, the bill that bans the declawing of cats in Massachusetts was unanimously passed by the Senate in early January! “Our animal hospital, Angell Animal Medical Center, has not performed declawing surgery for decades because it is not in the interest of the animal, often involves painful complications, and can create lifelong behavior problems,” said Kara Holmquist, Director of Advocacy for the MSPCA-Angell

20,000 Animals Helped through MAF Program!

“The Mass Animal Fund program has been an amazing resource to rely on when we meet pet owners looking to have their animal spayed or neutered but are struggling to afford our standard low-cost surgery fees. The Fund has played a particularly crucial role in helping pet owners facing an emergency medical care need for their pet like Stella and her family. We are so grateful to have the support of the vouchers and the Mass Animal Fund.” -Bryn Rogers, Director of Operations of the Animal Protection Division, MSPCA

The Need for An Animal Cruelty Task Force

With animal cruelty investigations and charges on the rise, we are hoping this new task force will help curb this disturbing trend. “Rooting out animal cruelty is at the very heart of what we do” MSPCA-Angell President Neal Litvack said at a news conference. “If there are legislative changes that will help stop cruelty in the future, this task force will be a success.”

Doing your taxes? The Mass Animal Fund program is about working together to make sure our local animals get the basic care they need. Your donation on Line 33f of the MA Income tax form allows this program to provide care to our Commonwealth animals!

Community Advocacy Leaders (left to right) Giuliana, Tia, Sheryl, and Melissa volunteered at Paws and Policy Information Day at the beginning of the year, where they talked with legislators and legislative staff on key animal protection bills.

Advocate Spotlight: Community Advocacy Leaders
Want to be more involved in protecting animals in Massachusetts? Become a Community Advocacy Leader (C.A.L.)! C.A.L.s work within their legislative district to ensure that their state representative and state senator support and understand the importance of animal protection legislation. Each leader is part of a team across the state working in their communities to influence their elected officials. C.A.L.s are also given opportunities to volunteer at MSPCA events and lobby their legislators at the Massachusetts State House.  Constituents are the key to influencing legislators. With your effort and our support, we can further animal protection legislation.

If you have any questions, email

Join the Animal Action Team to stay up to date on animal issues across the Commonwealth.

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