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June 4 at 11am, three animal protection bills and one we oppose will have a hearing at the State House before the Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government. This is the Committee that will make an initial decision as to whether the bills will move forward.

Do you have a personal story or experience related to the bills below that you can testify to at the hearing or through written testimony? Please email us at

SUPPORT S. 1204, H. 1823: An Act relating to the remedy for the sale of sick puppies and kittens              

These bills provide fair and reasonable recourse in the event that an “unfit” puppy or kitten is sold to a consumer by improving the puppy and kitten “Lemon Law.” Read more.

SUPPORT S. 114, H. 1774: An Act protecting the health and safety of puppies and kittens in cities and towns

These bills have several provisions to protect consumers and animals from unsafe practices by: prohibiting the sale of puppies and kittens under eight weeks of age; ensuring regulations for certain kennels, such as boarding and breeding kennels; updating several laws about kennel licensing; and prohibiting the roadside sale of animals. Read more.

SUPPORT H. 1822: An Act enhancing the issuance of citations for cruel conditions for animals

These bills would allow citations to be written when domestic animals are found in certain cruel conditions (the current law just applies to dogs). Expanding the current statute’s scope in this narrow way would allow a quick and effective response to situations involving animals and preventing situations from escalating. Read more.

OPPOSE: H. 1773: An Act to protect pets

This bill is a watered-down version of a bill (An Act to protect puppies and kittens) that passed the Senate last session. This version removes important protections that the previous bill had, such as: removing provisions for a remedy if a person purchases a sick puppy or kitten, removing language that would allow cities and towns to still enact local ordinances relating to the retail sale of animals, explicitly allowing unlicensed breeders to sell to pet shops, and removing important consumer protection information required on an animal’s cage, among other changes. Read more.

What you can do: If you can’t testify, please contact your state representative or state senator especially if either is on the Committee (check here to see a list of Committee members and the cities and towns they represent) and please share your opinion!

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