Angell Earns Gold Accreditation as Feline Friendly Practice

Buttercup rides in her Kitty Kruiser

Buttercup rides in her Kitty Kruiser

14-year-old Buttercup recently enjoyed a ride on an Angell “Kitty Kruiser” during her visit to Angell to see internist Dr. Maureen Carroll. These Kruisers ease the stress of kitties who prefer not to be eye-level with our canine patients. To reduce stress to our feline patients, we provide:

  • Elevated “Kitty Kruiser” carts
  • Blankets to cover cat carriers
  • A separate feline waiting room
  • Express check out in a feline-only area during weekdays
  • Feline-friendly exam rooms designated only for cats

These efforts and more have earned Angell Gold Level accreditation with the Cat Friendly Practice Program® of the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP). The AAFP requires rigorous guidelines to be met for accreditation.

As for Buttercup, she just likes the way it makes her feel more comfortable!






Jillian Fortuna with Kitty Kruisers

Angell greeter Jillian Fortuna checks in feline patients away from curious canines.












One of 3 feline friendly exam rooms

One of 3 feline friendly exam rooms at Angell – 2 of which are reserved exclusively for cats.












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