Medication Refills

If you are requesting a refill on an existing medication that has refills left on the prescription (number of refills left is listed on the medical label), you can call the Angell Pharmacy directly at 617-524-5700.

Alternatively, you can request a refill online through the Angell Animal Medical Center Boston’s Pet Portal. To sign up for the Pet Portal or to access the Pet Portal, click here.

To request a refill on a medication that does not have any refills left on the prescription (number of refills left is listed on the medical label), please contact your service to discuss how your pet has been doing since its last visit.

If your pet has not been seen within the past year, a recheck appointment will be required before a before we will refill a prescription.

Immunotherapy Refills

When you are three-fourths through your allergen vial, please order a refill by calling the Angell Pharmacy 617-524-5700. If the Pharmacy Communications Coordinator is not available, please leave a message in our voicemail box with the following information: your name, your pet’s name, telephone number, whether syringes are needed, and whether you will be picking up the vaccine or would like for it to be mailed to you. Please note that there is a there is a shipping charge to mail allergen solutions.“

Because each vial of allergen solution is custom-made for each patient, please allow 1-2 weeks for formulation and delivery. Color variation in different allergen vials is normal and is a reflection of the natural origins of this product.

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