Barn Cat Program

If you have a barn or stable, you can help save a cat!

Although the majority of cats can easily live as indoor house pets, sometimes we have cats whose only alternative is to live as a barn cat.  Cats in our Barn program fall into one of these categories:

Please note that we do not adopt indoor house cats who are suitable to be household companions into barns.

Adopting a barn cat can help you control a rodent population in your barn, and will provide companionship for you and your other barn animals.  If you do not have other barn cats, you may want to consider adopting a pair of barn cats through our program!

What we provide
When you adopt a cat through our barn cat program, the cat will be:

We will review guidelines to help you acclimate your cat to the barn environment in a safe manner.

What you provide

The barn owner who adopts a cat through our barn cat program should be prepared to provide:
Shelter in a barn, outbuilding, or stable, away from high traffic streets

We also request an adoption donation which will help offset some of the medical costs.

Things to consider
Adopting a cat through the MSPCA Barn Cat program can help save the life of a cat who may not have other options.  However, the care of a barn cat is still an important responsibility.  You will be assuming care for the cat for its entire lifetime, which may be as much as 15 or 20 years.   In exchange for providing the essentials of food & water, medical care, and shelter, your barn cat will earn its keep by helping to control the rodent population in your barn!

Please fill out our survey to adopt a barn cat and learn more about the program.

Or contact us via email at
Our barn cats are now listed on our adoptable animals page!  Look for cats with the word “Barn Cat” in their name to meet some of our adoptable barn helpers.


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