Boston Cage Sponsorship

Sponsorship makes a difference!

dogsponsorship3-200Help defray the cost of caring for animals here at the Boston Adoption Center by sponsoring their housing! Your contribution is tax-deductible, and helps pay for food, litter, medical costs—in short, all of the day-to-day needs for our animals while they are in our care.

Sponsorships provide us with additional financial resources that allow us to care for more animals in need. Your contribution, whether for a month or a year, shows that you care.

Why sponsor?

How to Sponsor

1) Choose a sponsorship: Monthly  $25.00 or Yearly  $250.00
2) Complete a sponsorship form (also available at the Boston Adoption Center, or by calling 617-524-5678)

We will acknowledge your sponsorship by placing a sign on a cage or kennel. In many cases, you may be able to choose the location you wish to sponsor.  If you have chosen an annual sponsorship, we will create a durable plaque to recognize your support.  At the end of your annual sponsorship, your plaque will be mailed to you as a remembrance, or you may choose to renew, helping even more lives.

Sponsorship Gifts

The gift of love and caring for animals in need is a great way to recognize that special someone in your life who has everything already!  When you choose sponsorship as a gift, please let us know so that we may send an acknowledgement card for the recipient. Click here to download our sponsorship brochure.

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